26 October 2012 ~

Uterine Cancer Healed (Testimony of Melissa Paisley – Yulee, Florida)

Uterine Cancer Healed
Melissa Paisley – Yulee, Florida

During the first week of December, 1994, I had a doctors appointment. At that appointment the doctor said I had an abnormal pap smear and that the cells if not taken care of could turn into cancer.

I was given a prescription and in April of 1995 returned for another exam (hoping it was gone). The doctor told me that it wasn’t better, but getting worse. He gave me another prescription (a stronger one) and told me to return in the second week of September. I didn’t because I knew it wasn’t better and I didn’t want to hear the news.

I had really bad stomach pains on October 4th and went to the Revival with Eddie and Becky Cain on October 5th. I asked for prayer for healing and was slain in the Spirit. On October 6th (the next day) I went for another doctors appointment. The doctor said that everything was fine and there was no sign of the previous cancer!


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