26 October 2012 ~

Touched as a Teen (Testimony of Pastor Russel Benson)

Russell K Benson Currently The National Director at Christ for all Nations USA

Touched as a Teen
Pastor Russel Benson

God recently allowed a “Divine Connection” through a former church member, Lora Votaw. Lora found out that her current Pastor, Pastor Russ Benson, who pastors CCF – Covenant Community Fellowship in Indiana, met us when he was a teenager during a revival in 1998.

Lora wrote and said th

at Pastor Russ told her that to this day they still refer to the 1998 Calvary Assembly of God, Port Charlotte, Florida revival as The “Cain Revival”. Pastor Russ went on to the Brownsville School of Ministry. We could have gone our entire lifetime without ever meeting Pastor Russ and hearing his story. Pastor Russ was best friends with Calvary Assembly’s Pastor Kolenda’s son (Daniel Kolenda) and he shares this story.

God moved in a mighty way at Calvary A/G in 1998. I just returned back from the Brownsville Revival with some of the youth and I was so hungry for a move of the Holy Spirit at our church. When we heard that there was going to be an evangelist at the church we were full of expectation.Honestly, when we first saw the Cain’s our expectations were lowered a bit. They were not flashy preachers, they did not yell or even try to stir up the crowd. They were very simple. Yet, as they began to worship you could sense
the atmosphere change. What a powerful Anointing ushered into the church.The services were all marked with a rich and deep sense of God’s glory! My life was touched in a powerful way, as were many people in attendance. I can remember being so drunk in the Holy Spirit that I had to be carried out at the end of the evening.

They also did services at the school of the church. I never saw so many youth so dramatically touched by God’s Presence. School had to be cancelled the rest of the day because the children were under the power of God. So many kids were touched; they were nearly piled on top of one another. They were laughing, crying, and soaking in God’s glory We had to explain to several parents what was happening to their children because they were not used to seeing the manifestation of the Presence of God.It was a glorious season of God’s Presence. We still talk about it to this day. God used the Cain’s in a powerful way in my life and many who were in attendance. I have been ruined by the Presence of God. More Lord!

P.S. Daniel Kolenda was also greatly influenced in these meetings and is now Co-evangelist with Reinhard Bonnke and new President of CfaN (Christ for all Nations).

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