26 October 2012 ~

Miracle Pregnancy (Testimony of Theresa – Deltona, FL)

Miracle Pregnancy
Theresa – Deltona, FL

My husband and I have tried to conceive a child for seven years. I took hormones that gave me unbearable mood swings. I had undergone three abdominal surgeries in six years. I had two unsuccessful attempts at artificial insemination. I was so desperate that I even went as far as to caress Fertility Statues. We had even heard over a local radio station that a couple had the wife take some cough syrup (believed to clear up congestion) and stand on her head while they inserted his sperm with a turkey baster. As you can see we tried everything in our means, that we could afford, to bear a child. I prayed, I cried, we fought. It was pure hell. We gave up for awhile.

The devil lied to me, and made me believe it was best to have a total hysterectomy because of the endometriosis (an autoimmune disease) and the pain that I suffered from it, coupled with my infertility, and that was my plan. Doctor Jesus touched me twice in 1998. In May I was cured from endometriosis by the laying on of hands in my home by one of the church members.

In June my pastor laid hands on my belly and announced “Baby come forth”. I was slain in the Spirit and felt a slight tingling in my belly. When the service was over and as I was driving home, I explained to the passengers in my car that something happened to my belly today, and all I knew is it would never be the same. We had a Camp Meeting in August. One night I went forward for prayer. I was praising God, and thanking him for the baby he would send me. I was crying and laughing, the anointing was very strong. I also promised him that because of this I would give him all the Glory.

I came home that night, and told my husband that we had to go make a baby, because the anointing of the Lord was upon me. He thought I was crazy! That is when the second miracle took place. I became pregnant for the first time in my life at the age of thirty-five.

I am also not proud to say that I have had two sexually transmitted diseases. That alone, will cause you to be sterile. You see my point is that the Devil gave me his best shots. My God is so awesome, and so much bigger than he is.I will close in saying that God loves you, and he has a plan for your life, and if you have lost hope, come to the cross where the healing river flows!

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