26 October 2012 ~

Healing Testimony of Jessica Davis – Casselberry, Florida

Healing Testimony of Jessica Davis – Casselberry, Florida

I would like to share my testimony with you, how the Lord Jesus Christ works in ones life with His healing power.I had developed a cough and decided I would get a physical.

The doctor sent me for chest x-rays which showed something on the right lung, a possible nodule. He then sent me to get a CT scan on my chest. Hearing news like that really scared me. God blessed me with a wonderful Godly man whom I had recently married. I was fearful I would not see my children grow, see my future grandchildren, or see my dream of serving the Lord with my husband. My husband reminded me that by Jesus Christ’s stripes we are healed. I continued to repeat this truth to myself out loud, remembering all God’s promises to us, especially that God’s word will not come back void!

I went to have the scan of my lungs. I attend History Makers Church in Altamonte Springs, Florida and that Sunday Pastor Becky asked if anyone wanted prayer for healing. I received prayer.

I know Jesus died on the cross for our sins, I know Jesus’ healing power. I know Jesus tells us, if we believe, not only would we do the same miracles He did on earth, but even more.

Because of this knowledge and my belief, I had a complete peace and knew I was healed. I was like the lady in the Bible that had bleeding problems for years. I had her same belief.

She believed that all she had to do to be healed was to press through the crowd and touch the bottom of Jesus garment. When she touched Jesus’ cloak, she was healed by her faith.

Jesus knew someone with faith had touched Him and wanted to know who it was. The woman with the issue of blood told Jesus it was her and how sick she had been. Jesus told her, you are healed by your faith, and she was healed. The next day I received my report from the chest scan. The scan was normal, no nodules seen. I jumped for joy and thanked our Lord Jesus for my  healing. I know His words are true!

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