29 October 2015 ~

MY FREE GIFT FOR YOU TODAY (10/29/15 TO 11/1/15)

FREE BOOK TODAY!!! MY GIFT TO YOU!!! “UNLEASHING THE FLOW OF THE ANOINTING“! Feel free to share the link with others and please leave a review. Thank you!!! Becky Cain http://www.amazon.com/Unleashing-Flow-The-Anointing-OVERFLOWING-ebook/dp/B013TSIL5U  

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26 October 2015 ~


Photo by: www.zachandjody.com

Photo by: www.zachandjody.com It is almost impossible to accomplish anything in life without FOCUS!  Life gets in the way. Distractions.  Some distractions may even be “good” distractions. We must regain our FOCUS so that we can complete our DESTINY! Prophetic Word at the end of this “Becky’s Blurb”. To connect, go to BeckyCain.com

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04 September 2015 ~

Becky’s Blurbs: It’s Day One of the Rest of Your Life!

Today you can experience a fresh start! Today is the first day of the rest of your life!   You can purchase my eBook… Unleashing the Flow of The Anointing: “3 SECRETS TO MOVE INTO A LIFE OVERFLOWING WITH GOD’S PASSION, POWER & PURPOSE” (Discover the Anointing Series Book 1) Kindle Edition on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B013TSIL5U  

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