25 August 2016 ~


Too many times we quit right before our breakthrough. God wants you to know that you just need to try it one more time! Dig another well! This is the time of blessing! If you are in the Orlando area and looking for a local church or just visiting Orlando, I invite you to be […]

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08 August 2016 ~

Don’t Quit! Your Promotion Is On The Way!

Today’s blog is a video blog. God spoke to me a while back about doing video blogs and He told me to call them “Becky’s Blurbs”. I began doing the blurbs, but I stopped. Just recently God reminded me that He never told me to stop doing the video “Becky’s Blurbs”. I had to repent […]

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26 October 2015 ~


Photo by: www.zachandjody.com

Photo by: www.zachandjody.com It is almost impossible to accomplish anything in life without FOCUS!  Life gets in the way. Distractions.  Some distractions may even be “good” distractions. We must regain our FOCUS so that we can complete our DESTINY! Prophetic Word at the end of this “Becky’s Blurb”. To connect, go to BeckyCain.com

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15 September 2015 ~

Don’t Quit! Your Miracle Is Right Around The Corner!!!

(Picture by: chimuts.wordpress.com)

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