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Becky says, "I am the spark that get's the fire going". Pastor, Marriage Expert, Award Winning Author, International Speaker, Singer, and Prophetess, Becky Farina Cain has been in full-time ministry since 1988 along with her husband Eddie Cain. They often humorously share with their audiences that they have been Co-Pastors, Co-Praise and Worship Leaders and Co-Evangelists...so you might as well call them the "Co-Cain's". Becky is the founder of MarriageExperts.org. Becky and Eddie are the Senior Co-Pastors and founders of Trans4mation Church, a Faith and Family Fellowship. Becky & Eddie also travel to bring the Fires of Revival to the world through Eddie & Becky Cain Ministries.

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Spiritual Healing (Testimony of Salome Broderick – Camp Springs, Maryland)

Spiritual Healing Salome Broderick – Camp Springs, Maryland I want to share how I received the gift of speaking in tongues. The first time was at my house during my prayer time. It came so natural. Two days later during a Revival service, Evangelist Eddie Cain called people to come forward for prayer. It was […]

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Arm Healed (Testimony of Dan Lawrence – Ada, Oklahoma)

Arm Healed Dan Lawrence – Ada, Oklahoma On the morning of January 28, 1996, I woke up and couldn’t raise my right arm. I was in constant pain. After Sunday service, I went home and took some Motrin. It did not help whatsoever.Eddie and Becky Cain were in their second week of Revival at our […]

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Spiritual Healing (Testimony of Associate Pastor at Trinity Assembly, Deltona, Florida)

Spiritual Healing Associate Pastor – Trinity Assembly, Deltona, Florida I wanted you to know how sad I am to see you go, yet I know God has such tremendous blessings for the people you will be going to, and I know you will be blessed because of your obedience to the Master.What God has accomplished […]

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Chemical Depression Healed (Testimony of Sylvia Muller – Winter Springs, Florida)

Chemical Depression Healed Sylvia Muller – Winter Springs, Florida All my life I had been depressed, even in childhood. Over twenty years ago, I had individual and group therapy. For many years I have been on anti-depressants. The psychiatrist said I would be on them for the rest of my life because of a chemical […]

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Small problems? Big God! (Testimony from Lora Votaw – Deltona, FL)

Small problems? Big God! Lora Votaw – Deltona, FL I was reading the testimonies on this web page and began to feel that I didn’t really have anything special to share. God does not see it that way however. This testimony is for all of us who somehow believe God has to have something “major” […]