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Becky says, "I am the spark that get's the fire going". Pastor, Marriage Expert, Award Winning Author, International Speaker, Singer, and Prophetess, Becky Farina Cain has been in full-time ministry since 1988 along with her husband Eddie Cain. They often humorously share with their audiences that they have been Co-Pastors, Co-Praise and Worship Leaders and Co-Evangelists...so you might as well call them the "Co-Cain's". Becky is the founder of MarriageExperts.org. Becky and Eddie are the Senior Co-Pastors and founders of Trans4mation Church, a Faith and Family Fellowship. Becky & Eddie also travel to bring the Fires of Revival to the world through Eddie & Becky Cain Ministries.

16 September 2015 ~

I Am Thankful For You!

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15 September 2015 ~

Don’t Quit! Your Miracle Is Right Around The Corner!!!

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13 September 2015 ~

4 Blood Moons

Posted by Becky Cain, September 13, 2015 Picture by: www.hillel.org I wanted to wish you all a Happy Rosh Hashanah!  Happy New Year.  Today is the Head of the year on the Jewish calendar.  Unlike the Gregorian calendar that we use, the Jewish calendar goes by the cycles of the moon.  Each one of the twelve months […]

08 September 2015 ~

Becky’s Blurbs: How to Make A Difference Wherever You Are!

Do you want to curse the darkness or do you want to light a candle? (Quote: To Terry Law from God)

04 September 2015 ~

7 Keys To The Anointing Part 1

God has given each one of us as Christians, “Keys to The Kingdom”! Open Doors!

04 September 2015 ~

How to Pray: Salvation

Do you know if you were to die right now if you would go to heaven?

04 September 2015 ~


What are/is Becky’s Blurbs?  Find out here.  Becky’s Blurbs is all about the insightful, thought provoking, and life changing daily inspirational short “Blurbs” via video.  Please share these video – Becky’s Blurbs with others.  Thank you! : )

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04 September 2015 ~

Becky’s Blurbs: That was then. This is now!

In addition to putting the past behind…SPEAK LIFE!  Choose wisely.  (Picture by ChristArt.com) Step into your future!  Today is the first day of the rest of your life!

04 September 2015 ~

Becky’s Blurbs: It’s Day One of the Rest of Your Life!

Today you can experience a fresh start! Today is the first day of the rest of your life!   You can purchase my eBook… Unleashing the Flow of The Anointing: “3 SECRETS TO MOVE INTO A LIFE OVERFLOWING WITH GOD’S PASSION, POWER & PURPOSE” (Discover the Anointing Series Book 1) Kindle Edition on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B013TSIL5U  

03 September 2015 ~

Becky’s Blurbs How To Begin Unleashing The Flow of The Anointing

How to Unleash The Flow of The Anointing in your life!!! My newest book: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B013TSIL5U