13 July 2013 ~

Tribute to Dr. Roy Harthern

Dr. Roy Harthern 

In Memory and in Celebration of Someone Who Made This World a Brighter and Better Place….Dr. Roy Harthern

Born: October 17, 1927 – July 6, 2013

Dearest Pauline, Suzanne, Leanne, Liz and family,

What an honor and privilege it has been for Eddie and me to know your husband, dad, grandfather, father-in-law, uncle (hopefully I have not missed any of the many titles the family uses).  He was Pastor Harthern to us.  I personally had forgotten what a tremendous teacher he was!  He had the ability to make the teaching so simple that the most unlearned could receive and digest it and yet he was able to engage the most knowledgeable at the same time.  A true gift from God!  The messages he brought forth have been and continue to be a blessing to us.

We also feel so humbled in that we were the last ones to have him speak in our church!  Our only regret is that we didn’t get the time to glean  more from this teacher of all teachers …who was such a precious man!

I also want to honor sweet dear Pauline!  What a treasure she has been to the Body of Christ!  It was in her tent at Jesus 80 Festival (Summer of 1980) where she along with Benny conducted services.  Pauline was speaking and she did a mass deliverance and I personally was delivered from a “grieving spirit”.  I didn’t even know that there was such a thing.  When I walked out of the tent that day.  The sun looked brighter.  The colors all around me were so much more beautiful and vivid.  I could hear the birds singing.  I was free!  Such a blessing  since I didn’t even know I was bound and as soon as it was revealed to me…God gave me the remedy though His precious saint, Pauline Harthern! : )

As Pastor Harthern said, “Pauline can say more things on accident then I can on purpose”.  Pauline is the most gracious person I’ve ever met.  To this day she has a smile on her face and an encouraging word to give!  Your family is truly blessed!

Our prayers are with the family during what I call the bitter/sweet time of life.  Bitter in that we miss them so much.  Sweet in that we know they are free from all pain and sorrow and waiting for us in heaven!  Thank you for letting me share these few thoughts with you.

Love and Prayers,

Becky and Eddie Cain

July 12, 2013

This video is the last time Pastor Harthern spoke publicly…it was here at Trans4mation Church. Enjoy this video of the teacher of teachers!

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